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Can you name the following that were the first of their kind??

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Who/What was/is the first...
50 Goal Scorer in a Season (NHL)?
Reality show to top the Neilsen ratings for a year?
Video played on MTV?
Element on the Periodic Table?
Holy Roman Emperor?
Independent nation in Latin America?
Cy Young winner?
Superbowl winning quarterback?
Colour Best Picture winner?
Newton's Laws of Motion?
Word in standard dictionaries?
African American US President?
American Nobel Prize in Literature?
Who/What was/is the first...
Video Game system to have online access?
US Vice President?
Tudor King of England?
Book of the New Testament?
UN Secretary General?
African American Oscar winner?
Album to sell more than 50 Million copies?
Soviet Republic to break away from the USSR?
Country to give women the right to vote?
Movie to gross over $1 billion?
Talkie movie?
Host of SNL?

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