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Can you name the 'fore' letter words in this golf themed word ladder?

Updated Apr 13, 2012

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●The beautiful game●
Capitol City's Ball
Having positive qualities
●Long distance club●
Language unit
Firewood measure
'Harold and Maude's' Bud
San Fran tower
Kitchen order slip
●Shot from fringe●
To cut into rough chunks
●Golfer K.J.●
South Asian tea
Siam language
Ahab's cry, with 'she blows'
Day before Fri
●PGA or European●
Equal to 1 mmHg
British Conservative
Like a Wes Craven flick
●South African legend Player●
French station
Patrick Bateman and Bruce Wayne
●Object in flight●
Cotton feeding weevil
Crossbow ammo
Canadian furrier Renfrew
●Aim of the game●
Fire station stair alternative
Public survey
Defoe's Flanders
'On Liberty' writer
1,760 yards
Tiny arachnid
Notable Mormon Romney
Shania's ex Lange
●Shoot along the green●
Dreamboat Brad
Ale measurement
aka Alecia Beth Moore
NFL interception
Group of wolves
●The Golden Bear Nicklaus●
Enemy of the nerds
To pawn
●Opposite of Slice●
To glance or gaze
Canadian dollar bird
Homer or Bugs
1982 Disney flick
●Mid-range Club●
Ahmadinejad's land
Common Vietnamese surname
●Sandy hazard●
Poo, dung, feces
Try to take off as a bird
●Target marker●
Style of grenade
Princess' kissing mate
Generic alcoholic beverage
●The Shark Norman●

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