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Where is most sweet potato production from?
A sweet potato is an example of what?
Poi is made from what starchy staple?
Name an example of the deadly nightshade family
What is another name for cassava?
Tubers are enlarged tips of?
What is the scientific name the white potato?
What is tapioca made from?
What is one of the 3 top producers of cassava?
A cassava is an example of what?
What chemical necessitates peeling of wild yams?
How many petals are on a solanaceae flower?
Where did the potato originate?
Who was responsible for the potato going to Europe?
Where is starch made and stored in roots?
Sweet potato - genus species
What vitamin is the white potato rich in?
What does the arrowroot lack that makes their baked goods so useful to certain people?
Where are bananas native to?
What is used to propagate taro?
What is the best known example of a corm?
What toxin is in cassava?
What is the name for severe protein deficiency associated with eating a diet exclusively of starchy staples?
Where are eyes formed?
Cross pollination of the bana with wild types results in what special property?
What vitamins is the sweet potato rich in?
Freeze drying potatoes make what?
What is the family of wild yams?
What chemical is in taro that is for preventing herbivory?
Where is the sweet potato native to?
Because yams contained disogenin, what were they once used for?
What is a non-food use of cattails?
A what is an underground stem with starch stored in its stem?
What plant was used by the Arawak to draw poison from wounds?
What is the scientific name for cassava?
What's the scientific name of breadfruit
What nutrient is lower in sweet potato than white potato?
How do we reproduce cassavas?
What is the family of bananas

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