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What era was floriculture really prized in?
Makes flower arrangements for weddings
What form of production avoids wind tipping, makes it easier to fertilize and irrigate
Walmart is a _____ shop
Name an important quality of an ornamental plant
How do we grow our wanted plant in horticulture (type of reproduction)?
Largest import markets
What year does the graph of top agriculture products show?
What is the name for the hybrid between the Rosa alba and Cannabis sativa
What season do you harvest nursery fields in?
World's largest producer of flowers (company)
What is the name for an intergenic hybrId of corn?
What is America's favourite leisure activity?
Meristematic tissue between shoot and root
Roses, carnations, orchids are examples of this type of horticulture plant
What store is found in high traffic areas
Which country leads the nursery stock market?
Planting deciduous trees in what cardinal directions provides shade
Countries that sell the most flowers to the US
foliage plants are sold for what?
Name for type of horticulture plant that is for outdoor planting
Advantage of nursery container production
Which type of horticulture plant are generally grown in greenhouses
____ roots arise from the embryo
Basic unit of grass
Dieffenbachia and philodendron are examples of this type of horticulture plant
Link between grower and retail florist
Which province exports the most flowers?
If I wanted to send a flower arrangement, I would call a ____ shop

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