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What organisms have stomata but lack vascular tissue
Large group of photosynthetic organisms that are not necessarily any one kingdom
'branches' of fungi
immunosuppressant drug from tolypocladium niveum
What year was penicillin discovered?
last evolutionary development
oldest and largest algae group
astromycetes (not true mushrooms) prized by chefs
Has true leaves but not seeds
Algae eaten in china (Ge-Xian-Mi)
red algae used as ___ in Japan
algal product from giant kelp, used to waterproof and dehydrate things and in Gaviscon
separates fungal cells
What does carageenan have that differs it from agar
Name of fungi body
pleurotus ostreatus
brown algae makes what substance?
2 separate haploid nuclei in one cell
carrageenan and agar made by which algae
Non-motile, salt water, silica containing, single cell orgnaism
Was once used as Christmas decorations and herbal medicine
Ferns may be able to remove this from soil
Does liverwort have stomata?
Nitrogen fixing cell in cyanobacteria colony
diamond of the kitchen
name the 3 groups of marine multicellular algae
process that forms the dikaryon
fungus used to make certain wine
What limits use of algae as feed?
red algae phylum
Fern that fixes nitrogen in rice paddies
Used to filter waste water and clean oil spills
agaricus bisporus
Food from ferns
fungal vegan alternative to meat
What evolutionary development happened first to go from algae to plants?
Does club moss have vascular tissue?

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