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Can you name the 4-letter answers to these clues in this James Bond themed word ladder?

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Clue4-letter word
⋆ The man himself, James ____ ⋆
Dog's chew toy
A cause of annoyance
⋆ ____ Seymour, Live and Let Die actress ⋆
Native of Denmark
Eat a meal
Loud noises
⋆ Bond film: Tomorrow Never ____ ⋆
Stupid people
Plunge into water
⋆ Bond film: You Only ____ Twice ⋆
⋆ Bond film: From Russia With ____ ⋆
Not short
⋆ Tsai Chan's character in [Clue 11] ⋆
⋆ Elektra ____, Bond girl in The World Is Not Enough ⋆
Wedding band
⋆ Diana ____, On Her Majesty's Secret Service actress ⋆
Fixes (a vote)
Small spots
Items in an auction
⋆ ____ Chiles, Moonraker actress ⋆
pork ____, joint of meat
⋆ ____ Cleese, Die Another Day actor ⋆
Clue4-letter word
Marc ____, Walking In Memphis singer
Dime, nickel or pound
Central part of an apple
____ Bears, children's cartoon
⋆ Tiffany ____, Bond girl in Diamonds Are Forever ⋆
⋆ Barbara ____, The Spy Who Loved Me actress ⋆
Not front
⋆ ____ White, Quantum of Solace theme song singer ⋆
Foot garment
What a baby does to a dummy
Bad mood
Become sullen
Window ledge
⋆ Bond film: Licence To ____ ⋆
⋆ Richard ____, actor who plays Jaws ⋆
____ over, collapse
Take up space
⋆ ____ St John, actress who plays [Clue 33] ⋆
Heap, bundle
⋆ Rosamund ____, Die Another Day actress ⋆
Clue4-letter word
Informal name for a Pekinese dog
Brazilian footballer
French for father
Mythical superhuman being
⋆ ____ Hatcher, actress in [Clue 8] ⋆
____byte, computing term abbreviated to Tb
____ Reid, American Pie actress
⋆ ____ Milovy, Bond girl in The Living Daylights ⋆
go-____, small motor-racing vehicle
Viral skin infection
Hospital room
Several of these make up a sentence
⋆ Jack ____, Felix Leiter actor in Dr No ⋆
Lonely, abandoned
Borrowed money
⋆ ____ Connery, the original 007 ⋆
Scorch with intense heat
Rise high in the air
Not sweet
⋆ Bond film: For ____ Eyes Only ⋆
Transfer liquid
Seductive facial expression
French for bridge
⋆ Peter ____, On Her Majesty's Secret Service director ⋆

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