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...the 'joke' written on the sign attached to Felix Leiter's shark-bitten body?
...the actor who played Bond in the 1967 spoof Casino Royale?
...the only actress to 'appear' in a Bond film and a Bond novel?
...the film in which Bond visit his wife's grave?
...the singer of the Thunderball theme?
...the Booker prizewinner who wrote the first non-Fleming Bond novel, Colonel Sun? (1968)
...the first actor to play James Bond?
...the criminal organisation headed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld?
...the novel by Sebastian Faulks published in 2008?
...the Bond novel that appeared in a list of President Kennedy's 10 favourite books in 1961?
...film producer Albert R. Broccoli's nickname?
...the most Oscar-nominated Bond film (5)?
...the first official film not titled from a Fleming novel or story?
...the children's author who wrote the screenplay for You Only Live Twice?
...Bond's loyal Scottish housekeeper?
...what, according to Mr. Big, are names for?
Can you name...AnswerNotes
...the Oscar-winning lyricist who wrote the theme to Octopussy?
...the only singer to sing the theme song and appear in the film?
...the actor who played the title role in the biopic 'The Secret Life of Ian Fleming'?
...the actor who played Blofeld in OHMSS, who went from stroking cats to sucking lollipops?
...the names of Bond's parents?
...James Bond's secretary?
...the only person to perform more than one Bond theme?
...the composer of the score for the 1973 film Live and Let Die?
...the actor who appeared in more Bond films then anyone else?
...The Spy Who Loved Me (from Fleming's 1962 novel)?
...the only singer to sing the theme and appear in the opening credits montage?
...the remake of Thunderball, Sean Connery's comeback in 1983?
...Dr. No's first name?
...the children's film, based on another Ian Fleming novel, filmed by the Bond team in 1968?
...the profession of the 'original' James Bond, from whom Fleming took the name?

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