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Can you name the actors and actresses who have appeared in three or more Bond films?

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Number of films (Year range)NameCharacter(s)
17 (1963-1999)Boothroyd / Q
14 (1962-1985)Miss Moneypenny
11 (1962-1979)M
7 (1963-1987)Morzeny / General Gogol
7 (1973-1985)James Bond
7 (1995-2012)M
6 (1962-1973)James Bond
6 (1977-1987)Sir Frederick Gray
Number of films (Year range)NameCharacter(s)
5 (1977-1989)Admiral Hargreaves / M
4 (1995-2002)James Bond
4 (1995-2002)Miss Moneypenny
3 (1987-1997)Brad Whitaker / Jack Wade
3 (1977-1983)Rublevitch
3 (1997-2002)Charles Robinson
3 (2006-2012)James Bond

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