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Can you name the Stars of cinema (who aren't actors or directors)?

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NameJob descriptionClue
Michael G. WilsonTook over from his stepfather, Cubby Broccoli
Wendy CarlosElectronic maestro; born a man, Walter
Janet HirshensonAlways (nearly) works with Jane Jenkins
Cedric GibbonsDesigned the Oscar statuette
Maurice BinderMost famous for working with naked ladies from 1962 to 1989
Ruth MyersEmmy winner for HBO's Carnivale
Marni NixonMaking stars sound good
Sydney GuilaroffFirst in his field to receive a film credit (1938)
Hermes PanOscar in 1938 for 'A Damsel in Distress' with George Burns and Fred Astaire
Yakima CanuttAppeared onscreen in over 200 movies
Jack CardiffAppeared in silent film My Son, My Son (1918) aged 4, but usually on other side of the camera
Douglas ShearerBrother of Norma Shearer

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