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Idiom/PhraseMissing Word(s)
Another day another ________.
The ______ is always greener on the other side.
A penny saved is a penny _______.
A picture's worth a ___________.
Taste of your own ________.
Close only counts with ________ and __________.
Close but no ________.
Get off on the wrong ______.
Third times a _____.
Fool me once, shame on ____. Fool me twice, shame on ______.
Don't judge a book by its _______.
Don't count your chickens until they ______.
Don't bite off more than you can _____.
Between a rock and a _________.
______ speak louder than words.
A bird in the hand is worth ____________.
Beating around the ______.
Great minds _________.
Don't jump the _____.
Don't cry over ____________.
From _____ to riches.
Piece of _____.
Keep your ______ up.
Let the ____ out of the bag.
The _______ in the room.
Idiom/PhraseMissing Word(s)
Put your ______ where your mouth is.
Put a _____ in it.
Once in a ________.
Birds of a feather ______ together.
________ killed the cat.
Balls to the _____.
An ______ a day keeps the doctor away.
Beauty is in the ___ of the beholder.
________ can't be choosers.
Cat got your _______.
He's a chip of the ________.
A _____ a dozen.
Early bird catches the _____.
Get out on the ______ side of bed.
Hit the _____ on the head.
Keep your eye on the ______.
The _____ trick in the book.
________ and _______ may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Up the river without a _______.
Wake up and smell the _______.
You can lead a horse to _____, but you can't make it ______
_______ and _______ wins the race
You can pick your ______. You can pick your ______. But you can't pick your _______'s ______
When ____ fly.
When _____ freezes over.
Idiom/PhraseMissing Word(s)
A ____ on your shoulder.
A _______ in disguise.
A _______ can't change its _____.
All ____ and no ____.
An ___ to grind.
Back to _____ one.
Barking up the wrong ____.
Beat a _____ horse
_______ is thicker than ______.
Break a ____.
_____ and bull story.
Cut to the ______.
Don't put all your ____ in one _____.
Down to the ______.
Dropping like ______.
Get down to brass _____.
______ on the cake.
Like taking ____ from a ____.
Kick the _______.
Rule of ______.
The bigger they are the harder they ____.
Out of _____, out of _____.
A friend in _____ is a friend ______.

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