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Got a b***h in the front got a h*e in the back, one rolling a blunt, one cookin the crack
Get your baby kidnapped, then your baby motherf****d
Tougher than nigerian hair
1-800-i will d**k you down in this b***h
I'm crack rock fresh baby im that boy
Then hop up out that pretty motherf****r like hello
Shotting till my motherf*****g hand fall off
Smoke weed talk s**t like Lane Kiffin
The motherf*****g best yet, sorry for cussin
Sittin on the world, thinkin bout a girl
I aim at the moon and get my howl on
I got game like EA and i wanna let you play
Benjamin Franklin my twin
Flip your fitted cap back like fred durst
Got a pistol on the playground watch the gun play
R E L A X like f*****g California
I dont think your beautiful i think your beyond it
All yall ass holes get off my d**k, PAUSE!
Red scarf on my neck red diamonds lookin like red barf on my neck uuuggh
She wanna f**k weezy, she wanna rape wayne
Say my name baby pull my hair and imma f**k u like a bull i swear
Meet a disaster pitty the fool eat a catastrophy
Im in the gun club, do you want to meet the boucer
Just a bunch of female dogs, and garden tools, thats bitches and hoes
f**k another motherf***a and them other motherf****s cause cant no motherf***a f**k wit a n****a
lightin up a motherf****n blunt stupid fruity swag like a motherf****n runt
I'm rad, I'm rad., and these n****s just squares like plaid
As i murder Bill Nye the science guy
I come after the money like wednesday come after tuesday
Cuz once you go wayne everybody else is wack
I'm richer then all ya'll i got a bank full of pride
suck my d**k wit red lipstick and dont let it smear
And then we shot that BB gun
We drop a 4 in a 20oz and call it 24's
dear mr. toilet im the ****
Beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice
When you gon let a n***a f**k
And you boyfriend's a tampon
This world is quite heavy on my aching back
Uptown hot boy red bandana
Weezy f baby you might find that on a titty
what is your f****n problem im fron the f****n bottom
kill this whole street and street court is adjourned
Girl i am a blood soowooo
i love her like egyptian
like barack i one hell of a black motherf****r
When you look into the mirror in the morning do you recogonize what you see
i got a great idea we should have sex
The blunt still wet so pass it like brett
When i catch that motherf****r imma rape it an leave
And son i know your barrell burnin but
feet hurtin i just walked from jerusalem
but i hope you havent forgot about me up in the living room watching sports center
Yuo suck d**k i succeed
I'm so y-o-u-n-g-m-o-n-e-y
Your girl bless me she sucked my d**k and i sneezed
We aint even gotta go far and we aint gotta talk about the war
She f*****g me with her eyes
and if you hatin baby you can get a side of these these nuts in your mouth now can you swallow please
stacks in my backpack shades on hat back
No laughter i do that after i get the dough bastards
If it aint about that dough it aint about me neither
Get you 3,4 get you like the number after one imma get me two
Imma a new orleans n***a i dont take no s**t
What the f**k your girl got on her mind my f*****g d**k
This a biggie beat and imma cook this b***h like piggie meat
I made her f**k her friend she said dont call her a dike but thats gay
Crack in my jaws i hope it dont dissolve
Preserve a n***a put his body in a cooler
But just like mike tyson we were not a sure thing

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