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Witty, smartType of knife (add A)
Larger than a cove, smaller than a gulfInfant (add B)
Corny, contrived, phonyTeam sport on ice or field (add C)
Like SatanSatan (add D)
Give upNot loud (add E)
LimbCan be dairy or vegetable (add F)
NudeLarge shipping boat (add G)
Nickname for AndrewWithin reach (add H)
ScarredWedded (add I)
Baseball refereeBounce, hop, leap (add J)
Nickname for JosephHas a punchline (add K)
Unit of languageEarth, for example (add L)
FibCitrus fruit (add M)
Small rodentComplain at length (add N)
Country on the Arabian PeninsulaFarmers or naval subordinate officers (add O)
LandscapeType of turtle (add P)
First-person pronounMystical life force (add Q)
Clenched handPlace that receives gold (add R)
AsphaltCelestial body (add S)
Visionary, prophetDirect a car (add T)
An extensive farmLacking taste and refinement (add U)
To leave outTo throw up (add V)
Moon phase opposite of waningType of bird (add W)
Vietnamese holidayCell phone message (add X)
GenderAttractive (add Y)
The study of eggsThe study of animals (add Z)

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