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I guess she's allowed to vote then.
Has problems.
He probably gets tired of it.
Like she's a possession.
Waste of gas.
Again, like she's a possession.
Then ask for it!
It's not yours to spend, you know.
Hope you brought an umbrella.
You should fix it.
She'll say no if you're all wet and smelly from the precipitation..
By someone...
In the distant future.
Yeah, cause you're so ugly.
And that's a bad thing.
I'm pretty sure it does.
Yes, it is, along with unicorns!
It's making agreements is what it is.
That would be why I find bugs and birds in my house.
She will NEVER want to come.
Type Chorus again.
It's called a personality.
Except, you know, adios, sayonara, au revoir...
Just hold out your arms...
Type Chorus again.
Por favor, no digas ciao.

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