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One of their tattoos is of a :
Another word for a poet or songwriter is a :
One Direction is a :
Zayn's solo in Little Things contains the word :
But when you smile at the ground it ain't... :
You can buy some of these with 6 in each package :
3 out of 5 of the members drive :
Most of them might get some of these in golf :
Harry's rumored favorite animal does this :
The ones who knitted their sweaters may have used this basic stitch :
A word that rhymes with 'insecure' :
One of their idols did this on stage once :
Zayn does this to Harry in the Little Things video :
They were in a Pepsi commercial, not... :
Harry tells the worst... : e.g. Why did the baboon ask the giraffe, 'Why the long face?'
One time, Harry ____ up with straightened hair and cried.
But everytime you _____ up you're hearing me say...goodbye!
They shot part of the LWWY music video at a :

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