How well do you know your teachers?

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Do you know who...?AJHS TeacherDid you also know...?
... holds a commercial drivers' license?
... has met the first and last person to walk on the moon?
... was a synchronized swimmer?
... serves as Commissioner of the Scotland Yarders, a group who has great interest in Sherlock Holmes?
... was a gymnast in high school?
... attended high school in the Cascade Mountains in northern California?
... was the captain of a two-time champion adult kickball team?
... worked at Wa-Pa-Ghetti's Pizza through high school and college?
... shares his/her birthday with John Thomas Scopes?
... celebrates his/her birthday on 9/11?
... has been to the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii?
... once rode in the Goodyear blimp?
... was part of the color guard in high school?
... has been skydiving and loved it?
... once worked as an usher at a minor league baseball stadium?
... went to Libertyville High School (4 answers in alphabetical order)?
... has traveled to 15 different countries?
... worked at an orphanage in Ukraine for a summer?
... shares his/her birthday with the anniversary of sinking of the Titanic and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?
... used to run a charity to raise money for ALS research?
... volunteered to help blind skiiers?
... likes to play golf?
... has studied ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew?
... is an identical twin?
... co-authored a book on how to pass referenda for school districts?
... is a distant relative of the inventor of the Ferris wheel?

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