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Can you name the Greek and Roman Philosophers?

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School and DatesPhilosopher's nameCity
324-262 BC, Stoic Citium
341-270 BC, Epicurean Athens
412-323 BC, Cynic Sinope
624-546 BC, pre-socraticMiletus
490-420 BC, Sophist Abdera
460-370 BC, Pre-Socratic Abdera
570-495 BC, Pythagorean Samos
School and DatesPhilosopher's nameCity
424-348 BC, Platonist Athens
5th century BC, Eleatic schoolElea
384-323 BC, Peripatetic Athens
610-546 BC, Pre-SocraticMiletus
535-475, no school, Ephesus
490-430 BC, Pluralist Agrigentum

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