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Can you name the last name of these famous couples?

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First NamesLast NameField of Endeavor
Fred and WilmaTelevision
Abraham and MaryPolitics
Dwight and MamiePolitics
Homer and MargeTelevision
William and HillaryPolitics
Mary Kate and AshleyTelevision
Phil and DonMusic
Gomez and MorticiaTelevision
George and MarthaPolitics
David and VictoriaSports and Music
Dan and RoseanneTelevision
Richard and KarenMusic
George and JaneTelevision
Jim and JonMusic
Rob and LauraTelevision
Sonny and CherMusic
First NamesLast NameField of Endeavor
Ward and JuneTelevision
Barney and BettyTelevision
Peter and LoisTelevision
Naomi and WynonnaMusic
John and JacquelinePolitics
Mickey and MinnieEntertainment
Donny and MarieMusic
Ozzie and HarrietTelevision
Ricky and LucyTelevision
Al and PegTelevision
Elvis and PriscillaMusic
Jake and ElwoodMusic
Fred and AdeleDance
Ike and TinaMusic
Herman and LilyTelevision
Fred and EthelTelevision

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