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'Paul Blart _____ _____!' 'Ah that was such a bad joke.'
'I don't know, you look like you're in really good shape but maybe you have like one _____ _____.'
'Why do you have salt on your bike?' 'Those are actual _____.'
'It has a crystaline structure. If you can't respect that you're a _____ _____.'
'What kind of bull **** do they say about a _____ _____ in this school?
'I totally know the cause, _____. F*** you _____!'
'Oh ****! When did I get _____? That's awesome!'
'Clearly I wasn't talking to you, _____ _____!'
'Ya'll some Justin Bieber, _____ _____ lookin motha f*****s.'
'It can act as an _____. I didn't know that but now I'm wiser.'
Person's Quote
'You have the right to be an _____.'
'You know what happens to kids like me in jail? It rhymes with _____!'
'Is this playlist too _____? It feels too _____.'
'We weren't _____ _____ eachothers' ****, what we're doing is getting **** done.'
'I was _____ when you punched me!'
'If I got to be seen with you, you got to _____ _____ it.'
'What's up _____ _____ slim shady?'
'He's getting into _____, early admish.'
'First of all, your argument kind of just _____ on itself because if you call us narcs...'
'You think that's funny? 'Wonder Years _____'

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