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Can you name the contestants who have appeared on SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy!'?

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ContestantPlayed By
 Molly Shannon
 Ana Gasteyer
 Reese Witherspoon
 Jimmy Fallon
 Norm MacDonald
 Darrell Hammond
 Jimmy Fallon
 David Duchovny
 Kate McKinnon
 Lucy Liu
 Darrell Hammond
 Alec Baldwin
 Jim Carrey
 Jimmy Fallon
 Dean Edwards
 John Goodman
ContestantPlayed By
 Ben Stiller
 Winona Ryder
 Drew Barrymore
 Jimmy Fallon
 Jimmy Fallon
 Tom Hanks
 Martin Short
 Amy Poehler
 Kenan Thompson
 Tobey Maguire
 Darrell Hammond
 Jimmy Fallon
 Kristen Wiig
 Matthew Perry
 Horatio Sanz

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