US States by Border Features

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Can you name the US states by at least one border feature?

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Border Feature(s)State
141° W
St. John River
Mississippi River, Wabash River
Wabash River, ~84°48' W
Monument Valley, 42° N
Columbia River, 49° N
Chattahoochee River, Tennessee River
Red River of the North, ~46° N
Connecticut River, Lake Champlain
Colorado River, 37° N
Continental Divide, 45° N
Pawcatuck River, Runnins River
Cumberland Mountain Range, Mississippi River
Missouri River, 41° N
Missouri River, 37° N
Ohio River, Lake Erie
Red River of the South, 37° N
~102° W, ~109° W
Lake Mead, 42° N
Chattahoochee River, Tugaloo River
Columbia River, 42° N
Pocomoke River, Tug Fork
Delaware River, Hudson River
Niagara River
Border Feature(s)State
St. Clair River
41° N, 45° N
Bitterroot Mountain Range, Snake River
Des Moines River, St. Francis River
Potomac River, Transpeninsular Line
Pearl River, 35° N
Bois de Sioux River, Missouri River
Red River of the South, Rio Grande River
Perdido River, St. Marys River
Mason-Dixon Line, Tug Fork
Rio Grande River, 37° N
Mississippi River, Red River of the South
Connecticut River, Halls Stream
Mississippi River, Toledo Bend Reservoir
Tennessee River, 35° N
Big Sioux River, Mississippi River
Catawba River, 35° N
Runnins River, ~3 miles north of Merrimack River
Rainy River
Lake Erie, Twelve-Mile Circle
Catawba River, Savannah River
Menominee River, Mississippi River
Long Island Sound, Pawcatuck River
Line extending slightly south of west from point (~32°43' N, 114°43' W) on Colorado River
Delaware River, Transpeninsular Line

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