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Guys, this is one of the few times where it is acceptable to be shirtless in a public forum, so I'm blastin' bare chest the whole time.
Listen to me. Do not come back here without anything up those ASSES!!!
Of course I know. You're the little asswipe who raised my children and turned them into animals, into monsters who- who lie and steal and take advantage of people and contribute ab
Because you're crackheads, children.
Cat in the wall, eh? Ok, now you're talking my language. I know this game.
You're a mean person.
Offer still stand?
You eat my boogers!
Well I forgot to tell you that Calvin Coolidge was a good friend of mine.
Well, I ain't giving you **** you old bitch!
I wanna win bro, billboard
Your breath smell like vomit.

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