Would You Pass the OWL: Defense Against the Dark Arts

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What curse is characterized by a 'flash of green light'?
What truly defeats a Boggart?
Wizards who have the ability to speak to snakes are known as _________.
What is the incantation for the curse used to control people's minds?
What spell prevents Muggles from encountering wizards?
The breeding of these dark creatures can be recognized due to the creation of fog.
The three curses that are most detested are known collectively as?
What creatures are dead bodies reanimated by dark magic?
What is the proper incantation for a Patronus Charm?
This store has drawn many famous Dark wizards and witches.
What spell can supposedly be used to turn a werewolf back into a human? (As stated by Gilderoy Lockhart in 'Wandering with Werewolves')'
What dark creature can kill with its screams?
What spell prevents the overhearing of conversations?
These creatures are immune to some types of magic, including stunning spells.
What sound is fatal to a Basilisk?
Who wrote 'Defensive Magical Theory'?
This obscure branch of magic is used to defend your mind from mind readers.
This obscure branch of magic is used to examine the minds of others
This house is widely known for producing Dark wizards.
What spell is used for concealment?
Where can you commonly find Kappas?
What horrendous act must one commit to create a horcrux?
This extremely specialized magic removes all magical concealment. Can be found at Gringotts.
What type of creature enjoys bloodshed and thus often inhabits old battlefields?
This spell is used to cover the victim's face in 'Giant Flapping Things'
The language that snakes speak is known as ________.
'________' is the incantation for a common counter curse that counteracts spells such as 'Tarantellegra'.
This spell is characterized by immense dark creatures made of fire. It can be used to destroy horcruxes.
What dark detector allows for the perception of concealed dark objects?
What is the incantation for the 'Blocking Jinx'?
What is the name of the group of famous dark wizards?
The glare of this dark creature can cause petrification.
What offensive spell is characterized by a jet of red light?
'Petrificus Totalus' is better known as the '____________ Curse'
Which Dark Detector will spin wildly when an enemy is within range?
Name one variation of the Shield Charm.
What type of creature leads travelers astray in bogs by using lanterns?
This curse can be used to turn items into dust.
This road is a popular spot for Dark wizards.
What is the incantation for a spell to reveal human presence?
The Confundus Charm is used to _______ your opponent.
The curse that is used to torture is known as the...
What is the incantation for the torture curse?
What is the incantation for the disarming charm?
What spell has proved useful in the blinding of giants?
Which of the following will not help you identify a werewolf? A) Tufted Tail B)Snout Shape C) Odor of Garlic
This dark curse is used to cut the victim repeatedly.
What is the name of the Elite Dark Wizard Catchers?
This item was cursed and almost killed a Hogwarts student.
What is the incantation for a Shield Charm?

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