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Can you name the 100 Spanish Verbs?

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Can you name these verbs in Spanish?
To teach
To worry
To close
To believe
To finish
To give
To put
To pay
To know (someone)
To fix
To fly
To see
To keep
To read
To change
To laugh
To go
To accept
To run
To hate
To be (permanent)
To try
To play
To want
To be worth
To kill
To smoke
To travel
To cancel
To dance
To answer
To ask (question)
To receive
To learn
Can you name these verbs in Spanish?
To wake up
To cough
To lose
To kiss
To give back
To need
To break
To cook
To live
To hear
To hurt
To count
To choose
To cut
To find
To sing
To send
To think
To be able
To please
To express
To deserve
To have
To complain
To drive
To sleep
To wait
To leave
To permit/allow
To take
To eat
To wash
To call/name
To have to/owe
Can you name these verbs in Spanish?
To be (temporary)
To fill
To look for
To buy
To write
To explain
To understand
To say
To lend
To bring
To come
To use
To request
To die
To listen
To fall
To establish
To rain
To forget
To study
To speak
To open
To do/make
To jump
To comb
To draw
To spend (money)
To swim
To know (something)
To drink
To sell
To chat

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