Causation Cases in Tort

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Can you name the causation cases in tort?

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FactsCase namePrinciple
 Factual 'but for' causation
 Element of guessing what would've happened with 'but for' test
 2 sources of the damage - both liable
 If D has materially contributed, can be liable
 All or nothing approach - did not allow claim for increased risk
 All Ds held jointly liable
 All Ds held jointly and SEVERELY liable
FactsCase namePrinciple
 2 consecutive accidents causing same damage: FIRST liable
 2 consecutive accidents = FIRST D still liable for second D's damage
 Disease broke the chain so D only liable until then.
 No compensation for loss of chance: all or nothing
 No compensation for loss of chance
 C won for policy reasons in HoL.

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