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Special Abilities of the ClanClan
Manipulates insects
Known for their size
Unknown where they hail from
Sharingan is believed to have descended from one of this clan's jutsu
Ninja in this clan get a dog when they reach a certain age
Very barbaric, now extinct clan
Manipulates shadows
Really influential clan
Rivals with the Uchiha
Puppet manipulators
Almost extinct because of massacre
Special Abilities of the ClanClan
Psychic-based clan
Clan from Kumogakure
Don't wear headbands from their native village
Led by Agari Kaisen
Revived as zombies
Very skilled at Genjutsu
One of their past leaders developed a jutsu capable of destroying an entire village
For many years has fought to own the Degarashi Port
Named after a very spicy Japanese sushi ingredient
Group of missing-nin lead by Hoki

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