Word Ladder (Morph and Contraction/Extension)

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Can you name the Word Ladder (Morph and Contraction/Extension)?

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weakthis is the base word
fiascothis is a contraction
pleased or willing under the circumstancesthis is a morph
an act of naturemorph
something you followmorph
a barcontraction
small ropes from the leech of a sail to the pulleys on the mastextension
to interlace strands of string, hair, etc.morph
a particular company's particular marketing namemorph
HintAnswerExtra Info
a type of cerealcontraction
past tense of a common verbcontraction
be a ___morph
a type of special indefinite articlecontraction
1st person singular present of a verbmorph
a polite addressextension
to wound or injureextension
a helpermorph
a sudden attackmorph

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