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Can you name the Advertising Slogans by Filling in The Blank ?

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Unfinished SloganMissing Word(s)Company
Where's the...Wendy's
Let's Build Something...Lowes
I'm _____ ItMcDonald's
I Never Knew ___ Had Dandruff?Head & Sholders
Have it Your...Burger King
The ________ Place On Earth!Disney World/Land
See What _____ Can do for YouUPS
The Ultimate _______ MachineBMW
57 ________Heinz Ketchup Company
Betcha' Can't Eat Just...Lay's Potato Chip Company
Gimme a _____, Have a...Kit Kat
There's ______ Room For J-E-L-L-OJello
Unfinished SloganMissing Word(s)Company
What Would You __ ___ _ Klondike BarKlondike Bar
_____ ______ Trix Are For KidsTrix
Snap, _______ and ___Rice Krispies
______ GrrrreatFrosted Flakes
Gotta Have __ ____Corn Pops
Put a _____ onMcDonald's Happy Meal
Think ______ The BunTaco Bell (Next One Isn't the Same)
Think Outside The ___Apple Computer
That was ____Staples
You Can Do It, We ___ ____Home Depot
Finger Lickin' ____KFC
____ Do ItNike
Unfinished SloganMissing Word(s)Company
_________ Of Possibilities. Get _____Best Buy
Where Do You ____ To Go _____?Microsoft
Beanz _____ HeinzHeinz Baked Beans
Your _____. DeliveredAT&T
Built For the ____ _____Ford
Oh Thank ______ For 7-______7-Eleven
The ______ Online MarketplaceeBay
15 _______ Could Save You 15% or More on ___ InsuranceGEICO
_____ It's FedexFedex
Zoom, ____Mazda

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