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These are the user contributed games which have the best ratings all time.
GameUserGame PlaysRating
Red Dwarf OpeningSerlingist2495.00
Star Trek: 79 Episodes, 79 Pictureszalkon20046155.00
'I', 'J' & 'K' Anatomybrocko8435.00
'D' & 'E' Anatomybrocko8675.00
Mr Bean's Whistler's Mother Speechskulnick1935.00
Blackadder Characters (Images)wiggytitch10335.00
Name the Franz Ferdinand Song (Audio)Oriolesfan102045.00
Radiohead Song or X-Files Episode?Government_Agent4035.00
Will & Grace Logic Puzzlefelix20565.00
Lyrics: 'Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)'arctanproject2575.00
Danish Football Player of the YearNahuOost5665.00
Ajax: Player & Talent of the YearNahuOost4925.00
90's Music Clips (Rock/Grunge)Cabelinho4745.00
Henry VIII's Clickable Lifekhands5725.00
'C' Anatomybrocko15795.00
'I Am A Rock' by Simon and Garfunkel - Lyricsmetashades5005.00
Years by Executionkhands1585.00
Community Episodes by Any WordTheo_176445.00
'C'-Soned Physics Studentshinymasamune15085.00
'B' Good at Physicsshinymasamune16325.00
'B' Anatomybrocko11645.00
Lyrics: 'All My Life' by The Foo FightersMoldemort3545.00
Steel-Type Pokémon (Pictures)ecnal792475.00
O Canada (bilingual)Q_Pheevr10435.00
Follow That Line: American PsychoPuzzgal7085.00
Agent Profile: Sterling Archerdph910275.00
'X' Vocabulary (Insane)beforever2425.00
Flying-Type Pokémon (Pictures)ecnal791925.00
A Song of Ice and Fire Trivia: Beginner #3WHouston30425.00
Normal-Type Pokémon (Pictures)ecnal791695.00
'A Song of Ice and Fire' Double Letter Namesbrocko10535.00
Follow That Line: Archer, Part 2Puzzgal16665.00
Danny Phantom Characters (Pictures)ecnal792265.00
Ground-Type Pokémon (Pictures)ecnal792085.00
English Mariners (click)Cortez9265.00
A Clockwork Dictionaryzalkon20041045.00
Lyrics: 'Arthur's Theme' by Christopher Crossarctanproject1605.00
Premier League 13th Place XIsJakePFC16105.00
Survivor Match-Upmcomisky3905.00
Guess the Guys and Dolls Triogoseaward3265.00
Click the people of the Old WestCortez13575.00
Follow That Line: Tom Lehrergoseaward2955.00
Tallest Freestanding Structures in Historycorndog2415.00
Champions League Goalscorers: Liverpooladrian1012425.00
Dungeons & Dragons Monster MatchFlick2475.00
Sign Language Live: ColorsTHEJMAN3645.00
Follow That Line: Portal & Portal 2inkspill194925.00
Swedish Footballers since 1990 with min. 10 capscarles_puyol2965.00
Lyrics: 'Greatest Love of All' by Whitney Houstonarctanproject3375.00
English Top Flight: Uncapped foreign goalscorersCestrian1465.00
(Tennis) Men to Take Set From Eventual Slam Championsebessankamen8105.00
Wenger's BritsCestrian10795.00
Harry Potter 3: Grim Defeatdudemanbearpig1595.00
King Crimson studio albumsclink4245.00
Missing Word - Hymnsromans1167865.00
Guess the Lyrics - Hymn-4VT2144575.00
Marvel Comics Civilian Identitiesaekimel4715.00
Verdi Operasanselm5365.00