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GameUserGame PlaysRating
2013-14 NBA Daily Points Leadersdlh12316314.56
Asian Logic Puzzlenspyred5734.28
ANYTHING but US StatesMateo564794.50
Big 4 Teams Logic Puzzlebazmerelda4313.40
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)Stanford00084092.80
NBA Chain GameFurness3992.80
Top 50 richest countries9p9t2kcy3632.03
MLB One Man Team (Offense)Swissvale3284.75
NBA Game Highs By Team (2013-14)sultanofswing2894.43
Disney BunkerLTH2514.67
A Graded Logic TestChicagoGuy882313.77
Pun FunLonelySpore2264.67
Wars by Criteriadurhamfan2223.83
Criteria NBA Small ForwardsRocky1232173.33
Movie Title MergersMSUKent2084.64
ASOIAF King's Landing Liars Logic Puzzlefeldman102032.75
Criteria Clubs: European Soccermic7472033.33
If it were a country...Hejman1994.71
Dictators by CriteriaJeffhabfan1963.87
Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzlegambitgambit1884.04
Rock and Roll Hall of Famers by IMAGEUnidentifiedkiwi1814.44
HIMYM Path to The Mother MinefieldDavidHoban1793.83
NFL Top 15 Passers (2012)mason881673.04
The Year in News: 1904MSUKent1614.71
10 to 1 movie countdown XII - Sport Editionduckles1455.00
WWE Recordskillerbob9151441.00
HIMYM Logic Puzzle- Find The MotherDavidHoban1405.00
NBA MVPs Logic Quiz (Hard)nba24391362.28
Game of Thrones Murder MysteryNymeriaM1294.00
EXO Trivia Quiz :Dmusic_lover261261.54
Spongebob Who Wants to be a Millionairepholicious1264.20
EPL - Irish XI by seasonJaiminJDesai1225.00
EPL - French XI by seasonJaiminJDesai1174.50
I Bet This Quiz Will Keep a 3.00 Ratinghscer1122.95
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzlebeforever1054.59
Rock and Roll Hall of Famers by IMAGE [part 2]Unidentifiedkiwi935.00
Blood Type Logic Puzzlemetashades924.69
Spain's Copa del Rey WinnersFreddie874.86
2x NBA Finals MVPmason88873.21
Eponymic History and Philosophy IIIpopestcyril864.20
Bible Knowledge BunkerChargingTiger824.80
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?puckett86824.47
NBA's all-time leading scorersESPN813.07
US Cities with the Most Russiansjonesjeffum804.00
Pokemon Logic PuzzleEminemlol802.65
All-time home run leadersESPN782.18
Same Color or Not?goseaward774.17
Answering Song Titles with Song TitlesFlick764.06
Criteria Clubs: Premier Leaguemic747744.06
What Movie? Thieves in Movies (Slideshow)Larryholmes79714.56
Computer Vocabularyukteach18711.55
2014 NCAA Tournament LosersESPN673.00
NBA: Brothers or Notrobertfoiz664.59
Most Guessed Flags: A-ZBarney3655.00
Rhymes with 'BACK'Spacemaniac634.69
Capitals in Latin: Europeaquascape634.70
Star Wars Who Wants to Be a Millionairemrkonjichris622.98
NHL Teams Logic PuzzlePhilThePain603.41
7 Times 5: Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever No Backsiesbrez002594.32