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These are the user contributed games which have highest joy factor in the last 30 days.
GameUserJoy Factor
Disney BunkerLTH236
NBA Chain GameFurness223
NBA: Brothers or Notrobertfoiz208
Premier League Top 6 Finishjoetinks198
Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzlegambitgambit197
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)Stanford0008197
2014 MLB Top 10 Salaries Per Teamtmxicon84193
Last 16 Sweet 16sRollTribeAC192
Logical Numbers 2geogeorge186
Toddler Art or Modern Art?bam_thwok177
ANYTHING but US StatesMateo56177
MLB - Most Home Runs Hit in a Ballpark, in a Seasondeej176
Zoom Out Europeradioactive176
Big 4 Teams Logic Puzzlebazmerelda175
Empires by Criteriadurhamfan172
2013-14 NBA Daily Points Leadersdlh1231171
Logic numbers -12 to 12Skinkwe169
Big 4 Hall Of Fame: 1 From Every PositionBenLubbs167
Islands A-Z on a Mapwilliam2167
Countries by Capital LetterNeverNervous125167
2014 NCAA Tournament LosersESPN166
World Capitals A-Z (Slideshow)CCCP166
Country by Sunjonesjeffum165
'Sorting tHat' Linked MiniBlitzesjyrops165
40 WAR for One Teamslacktivist164
A Beatles Lyric Letterfelix163
'S' Country Logic Puzzlesoaf162
3 Movies, 1 Missing WordMSUKent161
MLB Teams by MLB Patternsproutcm161
MLB - Leadoff hitters with 20 HR in a seasondeej160
Minimal City Maps (Slideshow)razorz160
Follow That Line: AirplanePuzzgal158
1990s Lyric Matchfyffereddevils157
If it were a country...Hejman157
Last 10 Elite 8sShadyMcCoy156
Languages of Europe Map QuizBawm79155
U.S. President /Event MatchJoeBeta155
Blood Type Logic Puzzlemetashades155
'M' Countries on a MapRobPro154
Shakespeare by Children's IllustrationhellofromUK153
Top 50 richest countries9p9t2kcy153
MLB One Man Team (Offense)Swissvale152
Countries with 10 or more Submarinesalex422152
MLB - More Than Their Fair ShareSwissvale151
MLB - Most Home Runs in Two Consecutive Seasonsdeej151
NBA Centers of the 90sjwil2347149
You Have Thirty Seconds...MrChewypoo148
Past 10 Final Four Most Outstanding PlayersESPN147
'Name' That ProfessionMSUKent146
World Capitals A-Z II (Slideshow)CCCP145
Missing Middles Medley: MMSUKent145
Past 15 College Basketball National ChampionsESPN145
NCAA D-1 Nickname per Statejmatt22397145
MLB Opening Day Starters (2014)stingem3929144
Top 5 Scorers by NCAA Champion, 1990-presentstarcivicrats144
The North Logic Puzzle (ASoIaF)beforever144
40 Escaped Animals!MSUKent142
Celebrity Guests on 'What's My Line' (video)david6k140
Which Word Wins? Harry Potter EditionMrChewypoo140
Trivia 20: Disney's FrozenTHEJMAN140