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2x NBA Finals MVP3,2433.21
Criteria NBA Small Forwards2,8203.33
Top 50 richest countries2,6362.03
Big 4 Teams Logic Puzzle2,0923.40
ANYTHING but US States1,6164.50
Disney Bunker1,6044.67
NBA Chain Game1,5772.71
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)1,3352.80
Asian Logic Puzzle1,0214.38
MLB One Man Team (Offense)9984.71
7 Times 5: Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever No Backsies9364.32
2013-2014 NBA Playoff Teams9054.00
Rock and Roll Hall of Famers by IMAGE9054.38
ASOIAF King's Landing Liars Logic Puzzle8263.00
2013-14 NBA Daily Points Leaders8144.50
Wars by Criteria7783.83

Most Played Last 7 Days

Top 50 richest countries15,9132.03
Big 4 Teams Logic Puzzle15,3493.40
2014 NCAA Tournament Losers14,9373.00
NBA: Brothers or Not10,3934.59
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)10,3282.80
NBA's all-time leading scorers8,2333.07
NBA Chain Game8,1332.71
Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle6,0784.04
Empires by Criteria5,9514.52
ANYTHING but US States5,9464.50
7 Times 5: Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever No Backsies5,9154.32
25 Most Populated US Cities (Clickable Mines)5,8772.92
All-time home run leaders5,1292.19
NBA +50% H-O-F Probability (Active) [Clickable Mines]4,6493.06
NFL Chain Game 24,6262.20
Spongebob Who Wants to be a Millionaire4,5424.26

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Highest Ratings Last 7 Days

Toddler Art or Modern Art?4.89
Fruity MRIs (Animated Slideshow)4.86
Can You Pick The Film Series When Given A Film Subtitle4.82
TV Show by Jail/Prison Scene (Slideshow)4.70
Countries by Capital Letter4.68
MLB 250+ Home Runs At 1st Base4.67
ANYTHING but US States4.64
MLB Top 50 HR 1980-19894.64
If it were a country...4.61
MLB: BA, OBP, SLG, and OPS4.39
50 Faces4.37
Answering Song Titles with Song Titles3.89
I Bet This Quiz Will Keep a 3.00 Rating2.96
Top 50 richest countries1.65

Highest Joy Factor Last 7 Days

GameJoy Factor
NBA: Brothers or Not173
Toddler Art or Modern Art?159
ANYTHING but US States159
Countries by Capital Letter151
40 WAR for One Team147
If it were a country...143
2014 NCAA Tournament Losers137
NBA's Top 50 Active Scorers131
Celebrity Guests on 'What's My Line' (video)129
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word128
MLB 250+ Home Runs At 1st Base128
Countries Hidden in People128
Big 4 Teams Logic Puzzle128
Can You Pick The Film Series When Given A Film Subtitle128
Top 50 richest countries128

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