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Flags of the World: Progressively Harder4134.61
Criteria NFL Teams3113.73
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)2882.80
Harry Potter Characters2831.24
Disney Heroines Logic Puzzle2811.15
Independence From Whom? Shooting Gallery2664.88
Every MLB player with 500 home runs?2552.45
ⓧ X-Men: Days of Future Partying ⓧ2464.69
Connecticut Towns2134.00
2013-2014 NBA Bunker2092.36
NBA's Top 50 Rebounders of All Time2034.67
A Game of Thrones plot1932.88
Pixar Logic Puzzle1893.32
Game of Thrones Murder Mystery1793.50
2014 NBA Top 25 by Category1754.71
A Graded Logic Test1653.76

Most Played Last 7 Days

Top 50 richest countries13,4091.91
2013-2014 NBA Bunker10,3112.36
Every MLB player with 500 home runs?9,0732.45
Harry Potter Characters8,8371.24
HIMYM Logic Puzzle- Find The Mother8,2754.50
Disney Heroines Logic Puzzle8,0381.15
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)7,3192.80
Asian Logic Puzzle7,2514.19
Criteria NBA Champions (Since 1982)7,0993.89
Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle6,6844.00
Countries According To Google Images5,7714.50
2013-2014 NBA Per Game Leaders by Team5,4564.62
NBA Chain Game5,3852.73
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word4,5064.75
A Graded Logic Test4,4473.76
MLB - More Than Their Fair Share4,4194.89

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Level 5 - Placedslaught123
Smashing Pumpkins Studio Releases (1988-2001)DGJeremy
Only the gods are realfellowmerry
Disney and Pixar Movies by Memorable Lines (Difficult)Dreamweaver38
European union members: when did they join?arthurdent838
European Capitals South of ParisFlick

Highest Ratings Last 7 Days

MLB - More Than Their Fair Share4.89
Languages by Family (Shooting Gallery)4.82
MLB's Top 50 Active Home Run Hitters4.82
Fruity MRIs (Animated Slideshow)4.80
World Traveler: Tough (Animated Map Slideshow)4.77
3 Songs, 1 Missing Word4.77
U.S. Cities In Song Lyrics (map)4.73
Movie and Actor Homophones4.69
Word Crosses: Divine Intervention4.68
Click the Country: 'A' Cities4.64
Click the Country: 'B' Cities II4.62
Movies in Hiding4.60
Word cHOPs4.59
World Traveler: Easy (Animated Map Slideshow)4.57
Countries According To Google Images4.44
Defunct MLB Stadiums (Slideshow)4.12

Highest Joy Factor Last 7 Days

GameJoy Factor
MLB - More Than Their Fair Share171
3 Songs, 1 Missing Word160
HIMYM Logic Puzzle- Find The Mother153
Countries According To Google Images151
2013-2014 NBA Per Game Leaders by Team143
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word142
World Traveler: Easy (Animated Map Slideshow)141
MLB's Top 50 Active Home Run Hitters138
2013-14 NBA Daily Points Leaders138
Languages by Family (Shooting Gallery)129
200 Highest Grossing Films *by ANY WORD*129
MLB Top 10 WAR 2000-2009127
World History 'A' (Difficult)125
Asian Logic Puzzle125
MLB Highest Paid Player by Year123

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50 States, 50 TV showsshow
200 Highest Grossing Films *by ANY WORD*Box Office
Top Two-Consonant Cities by Continentcity
ⓧ X-Men: Days of Future Partying ⓧlogic
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