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Can you name the words hinted at, and find what they have in common?

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Hint4-letter word#
Keiko, Shamu, or Corky 1
Escapes, flees (from 'goes on the ____') 2
Money given to the poor (and an anagram of #2)3
Blinky, Pinky, _______, and Clyde4
Plural of ilium5
Singular of algae6
Not a few7
Ice cream holder8
Pixar's: 'Finding ______'9
Hemingway's: 'A Farewell to ______'10
Too many ____s spoil the broth11
Means TOIL, and could follow it on a word ladder12
Suggestive of a cow -- yes, OSPD says it's a word13
=== What do all these words have in common? They are all _____ . ===-
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