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† Buffy's first love
Tool for boring a hole in the ground
German-made semi-automatic pistol
Hybrid of a lion and a tiger
Organ often done in by alcohol
Amazon or Nile
Kitchen tool to press potatos through a sieve
Describing a cheaply and poorly modified car
† Buffy's second lover (forget Parker!)
† Buffy's watcher
A fish's 'lungs'
Grinds grain
Fertilizes roe with fish sperm
Turns back into water
Butchers sell them
† Buffybot-builder Warren's last name
You shift them in a car
Makes a snarling sound; growls
† Demon who paralyzes prey, then eats the skin
A tangle of hair
Animal trap
† What Wilkins turns into
† Best way to kill a vampire
'Thus _____ Zarathustra'
† Buffy's third lover

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