Spiritual Norse Beings

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DomainSpiritual Being
The guardian of the gods
The first god in Norse mythology
Odin's ravens
God of thunder
The one with the beautiful, golden hair
Son of Thor
God of happiness
Wife of Baldr
Brother of Baldr
King of Gods
Queen of Gods
The two wolves that accompany the god Odin
Goddess of love, beauty and fertility
God of agriculture, weather
DomainSpiritual Being
God of poetry
God of the Sea
Granter of eternal youthfulness
Son of Odin
Well-known war-spirit
God of knowledge and wisdom
Goddess of bowhunting, skiing, mountains
God of mischief
Middle child of the giantess AngrboĆ°a and the god Loki
Goddess and wife of Loki
Founder of the race of frost giants
Primeval cow of Norse mythology
Other son of Thor

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