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Their first hit. Recorded - together with other songs from the same album - in one 10-hours session, while all The Beatles had a cold
Lennon was very proud only to sing in the background choir of this McCartney-composition
A call of attention of Lennon to highlight his own troubles
First reaction to all the 'analyses' of Beatles-lyrics
The solo in this song is composed and recorded by George Martin on piano. Later on transformed in the sound of a harpsichord
While McCartney sang the title of this song, Lennon answered immediately entering the studios 'It can't get no worse!'
Lennon sang this one for George Martin, with Cynthia around, telling it was partly autobiographical. Cynthia didn't notice anything
Written by Lennon while recording How I Won The War in Spain
Composition by Harrison to protest against a tax raise, suggested by Harold WIlson
Recorded by only John and Paul. They called each other George and Ringo when they played the leadguitar and drums
Tribute to John's mother
Written by John Lennon in India, during one of his depressive moods
Song based on an announcement for a circus
George Martin can be heard on this song
This song contains one of the few lyric references to the management problems with Allen Klein

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