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NotesTeamMedal Count
defunct federation 1952-20080g 1s 0b
combo of of two teams 1908-19123g 4s 5b
former country name 1948-1988no medals
former country name 1896-19120g 1s 3b
defunct federation 19600g 0s 2b
former country name 1948-19720g 1s 0b
former country name 1964-1976no medals
combo of 12 new countries 199254g 44s 37b
pre-union county 1968-198867g 82s 94b
pre-union county 1968-1988192g 165s 162b
former colony 1968-1972no medals
former country name 1972-1976no medals
former country name 1956-1960no medals
former protectorate 1956no medals
former protectorate 1964no medals
NotesTeamMedal Count
union dissolved 19600g 1s 1b
former colony 1928, 1960-1964no medals
former name of olympic committee 1932-19760g 1s 1b
union dissolved 2004-20060g 2s 0b
union dissolved 1920-199251g 57s 60b
union dissolved 1952-1988473g 376s 355b
former country name 1972no medals
pre-union country 1984-1988no medals
pre-union country 1988no medals
defunct kingdom and federal union 26g 29s 28b
former country name 1972-1996no medals
former colony 1948-1964no medals
former colony 1952no medals
pre-union country 1952no medals

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