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What parodyThe wordFairy!
you know that i could eat ____from jalapeno
lets punch _____from tik tok parody
and i shave my legs just kidding im a ____from friday parody
Im gonna run and eat ____from baby parody
there's no baloney left and i don't want ____from et parody
I'm gonna throw an ______from et parody
My fridge was out of ____ so i talked about it's motherfrom tik tok parody
We went to the petting zoo, OMG is that _____from party in the local park
I wanna drink _____ while I take off my pantsfrom billionaire parody
today i saw a ____ inside a carfrom the lazy song parody
Have you ever peeled an _______ with your toes?from firework parody
What parodyThe wordFairy!
I throw my ______ up in the air sometimesfrom coke and sprite
I'm just a kid with a _________from baby parody
Write an essay, do _______from friday parody
Please buy me a ______from kangaroos
It's okay I still wear my ______from kangaroos
I gotta feeling that this ______ is really creepyfrom I gotta feeling parody
now im feeling so green like my _____from like a g6 parody
Wheres the naked ____from california gurls parody
I want my _______ nowfrom boom boom pow parody
And then we'll warm up the _____from i gotta feeling parody

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