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What kind of Boggle do they like
Character that always knocks three times
Penny's place of work
Those apartment does Sheldon break into to clean
Where is Big Bang Theory set
What does Sheldon dress up as for Penny's party
Bernadette's father is a retired
What is the first name of Sheldon's mother
The elevator does work in one episode, True or False
What is Leonard's go to response after a woman wakes him up
Which character had to do an impression of Stephen Hawking whilst the real one was sitting in the live audience
Amy works as a....?
Howard's middle name
Leonard's middle name
In 'The Ornithophobia Diffusion', what is the name of the person Penny meets
Raj's sister Priya, went to university where
What Star Wars item does Sheldon keep in his closet
Leonard received his PhD at what age
Comic Book store is ran by
What is Raj's middle name
Which university did Leonard graduate from
Which character claims that he is love with Penny after a possible late night fling
What does Raj use to overcome his fear of girls
Where do Leonard and Sheldon work
Sheldon and Amy meet on a......
What family of rocket does Howard travel in
Leonard originates from
Which disney character is Sheldon scared of
Who buys the Sword of Azeroth
Which character has never apeared on screen bar one episode
What is the name of the iphone app Raj falls in love with
Name of 100th episode
Name of the band that sings the Big Bang Theory theme song
Name of the North Korean spy who sleeps with Leonard
Whose reproductive organs would reach out and grab Sheldon
What does Sheldon's Ultrasonic ray machine break?
Where are Sheldon and Leonard visiting in 'Pilot'
Which well known Star Trek actor becomes Sheldon's new enemy after Will Weaton
Raj's Dad's crotch related profession
Penny's brother is addicted to....

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