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What are the Weasley twins called-
What can one buy at the shop Flourish and Blotts-
What is a Muggle3 words
Who was a partner of Dumbledore, had a wife named Perenelle, and used the Sorcerer's Stone-
Who was Scabber's first owner-
Who broke a leg and could not watch Harry on Dudley's birthday-
What was the significant present Harry received at Christmas-
Which team scored 170 points in Harry's first Quidditch match-
What does Professor Flitwick stand on when giving lessons3 words
How many times had Harry been to London before Hagrid took him-
What is the primary wizarding newspaper-
What position does Professor McGonagall hold at HogwartsFull title of one of three postions
What is a Remembralla Memory Aid, a Language Translator, or a Pocket Dictionary
What are the two black balls in Quidditch called-
Where did Ron end up after being bitten by Hagrid's dragon2 words
Which item is not required for first-year students at HogwartsWand, Set of Brass Scales, Telescope, or a Silver Cauldron
How many sets of black robes are first-years required to own-
In which room did Ron and Harry lock the troll in by mistake-
Who received 39 presents for his birthday-
At which pub did Hagrid win the dragon's eggThree Broomsticks, Leaky Cauldron, or Hog's Head?
What does drinking the Elixir of Life do to a person-
Who comes to collect Harry and take him to Diagon Alley-
What is the name of Dudley's best friend-
How many points did Slytherin finish the year with381, 397, 463, 472, or 504?
As what creature was McGonagall while sitting outside the Dursley's house-
What did Hagrid give Harry as a Christmas present1 word
Which bank does Bill Weasley work for-
What is Neville searching for the first time he meets Harry-
Which professor announced to the school that there was a troll in the dungeons-
Monkshood and Wolfsbane are different plants: True or False-
Who is the resident ghost of Gryffindor house-
What do Harry and Draco see the cloaked figure do to the unicornThree words
Name two members of Dudley Dursley's four-boy gangFirst Names only
What is Professor Dumbledore's favorite muggle sportCricket, Ten Pin Bowling, or Lacrosse
What type of hat is the Sorting Hat-
What is the only thing Hermione ever loses at-
What is the name of the shop in Diagon Alley that sells wizarding robesFull Title
Who traveled to the Hut-on-the-Rock in the Sea to retrieve Harry-
Who is the resident ghost of Slytherin House-
Which teacher refereed the second Quidditch match Harry played in-
Where would you find Eeylops Owl Emporium-
What colored chess pieces did Harry, Ron, and Hermione join to get to the Sorcerer's StoneBlack or White
Inside what object(s) did 24 acceptance letters arrive inNot the chimney (yet)
In which Hogwarts house would you find Millicent Bulstrode-
What kind of music does Professor Dumbledore likeWorld Music, Chamber Music, Rock Music, or Jazz
What was the first name of Harry's father-
About what size is the Golden SnitchPeanut, Walnut, Grapefruit, or Melon
What happened to Hagrid's wand when he was expelled3 words
What was contained inside the big leather book that Hagrid gave to HarryBe sure to use Proper Nouns
What are rumored to be guarding some vaults in Gringotts-
What was the first name of Harry's mother-
Who looked after the Invisibility Cloak before passing it on to Harry-
How many hands does Dumbledore's golden watch have-
Who saved Harry and Ron from detention by lying about the troll-
Which Quidditch position player gets injured the most-
How many Knuts to a Sickle29, 33, 39, or 43?
Who was in the room with the mirror the third time Harry visited-
What is the name of the centaur who Harry rides out of danger in the Forbidden Forest-
Who does Firenze think killed the unicorn-
Which school's uniform included orange knickerbockers and a straw hat-
What subject does Professor Flitwick teach at Hogwarts-
How many house points did Professor Dumbledore award Ron for his chess playing-
What chess piece does Ron play as in the giant wizard chess set-
What object was the troll on Halloween carrying-
What was the name of Uncle Vernon's old school-
What happened when Harry opened the book in the Restricted section-
On which continent does Bill Weasley work-
Who foiled Harry's early-rising plan to obtain one of his Hogwart's acceptance letters from the mailman-
What magical device are first-years not usually allowed at Hogwarts-
What pub stands between a bookshop and a record shop2 words
Griphook works where-
What are the names of Hagrid's dogsYes, 2 of them
Which member of the Weasley family was Quidditch Captain-
What color was the key that Harry caught while riding a broomstick-
In what year did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald?1785, 1825, 1935, or 1945?
Name two of the three creatures that Hogwarts first-years are allowed to ownAccording to Harry's acceptance letter.
What flavor was the cake Hagrid gave Harry for his 11th birthday-
What is the last name of the girl named Ginny-
Which Quidditch position did Terence Higgs play for Slytherin-
What subject does Professor Binns teach-
Which two students always accompany Draco Malfoy-
What street lies behind the Leaky Cauldron-
The Weasleys' parents were in which house at Hogwarts-
What weapon did Uncle Vernon face Hagrid with-
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts73, 98, 142, or 195
What position did Bill Weasley once hold at Hogwarts-
Whose friends were going to take Norbert back to Romania-
No two wands from Ollivanders are the same: True or False-
What is the name of the device that Dumbledore used to switch the street lights off in Privet DriveWhat was it called in Sorcerer's Stone? Deluminator will NOT be accepted.
Who taught Harry's first flying lesson-
How many ways did Professor Dumbledore discover of using dragon's bloodMore than 3, less than 21.
How many of Ron's brothers went to Hogwarts before him-
Who set Professor Snape's robes on fire-
How many bottles were involved in the test to reach the Sorcerer's Stone-
How long did Harry's second game of Quidditch last5 min, 15 min, 5 hours, or 5 days?
What does Hagrid buy Harry as an eleventh birthday present-
How many Sickle coins make a Galleon8, 14, 17, or 21
What color is a Galleon-
What did Hagrid do on the train to LondonSleep, Sing, Read, or Knit?
Who performs the door-unlocking spell to get into the forbidden corridor-

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