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Case Descriptioncase name
death penalty violates the 8th amendment
Being gay is something private organizations can discriminate as a rule
suspects cant be abused in search and seizures.
Supreme Court ruling of the death penalty is reversed. death penalty is legal
Uses the free exercise clause. Amish man speaking out against the law saying kids have to be in school until 16 yrs of age.
The leading abortion case. established the 3 trimester system.
state law says sodomy is illegal. Supreme Court agrees because the constitution says nothing about sodomy being a right.
cops are allowed to pat people down if they look suspicious, but not search them without a warrant.
Case Descriptioncase name
partial birth abortion case
this case established the undue burden test
law saying promotion of birth control is illegal. Supreme Court says the law violates the peoples rights.
the 'box of porn' case. Illegal search and seizures.
17 yr old charged with murder. Supreme Court says minors cant be given the death penalty
established the Miranda rights. police or any law personnel has to state every right to a convicted felon if the case can be legal
mentally disabled persons are not allowed to be given the death penalty

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