Zelda OoT A-Z

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HintLetter it Begins With
What is used as ammo for Link's bow.A
Flying skull enemiesB
Link's Triforce pieceC
Goddess of PowerD
Link's horseE
Goddess of CourageF
Gerudo King and holder of the Triforce of PowerG
Princess Zelda's landH
Zelda's guardianI
Giant fish in Zora's DomainJ
Place where Link is fromK
Hero of TimeL
It's needed to time travel from young to old LinkM
HintLetter it Begins With
Goddess of WisdomN
Musical instrument of timeO
Ghost enemies with lanternsP
You should always save before doing thisQ
Princess of the Zora'sR
Princess Zelda's alter-egoS
Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit...T
Button used to talk to NaviU
Fire Temple BossV
Princess Zelda's Triforce pieceW
Letter that comes after 'W'X
Who you start the game asY
Princess of HyruleZ

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