Essential German Verbs (Infinitive)

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Can you name the verbs that would be essential to an excursion to a German-speaking are?

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English verb (infinitive)German verb (infinitive)
to be
to have
to go (walk)
to see
to listen/hear
to travel
to come
to know
to ask
to think
to want
to be able to
to give
to receive/get
to eat
to drink
to like
to play
to pay
to buy
to sell
English verb (infinitive)German verb (infinitive)
to rent
to understand
to speak
to tell
to (exit a place)
to dance
to sleep
to wash oneself
to tidy up
to swim
to stay
to forget
to open (door)
to close (door)
to push (door)
to pull (door)
to do/make
to take
to work
to kiss

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