The First 17 Roman Emperors

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Formerly known as Octavian.
Retired to his private island known as Capri.
His more well known nickname is Caligula.
He was lame and had a stammer.
The emperor during the Great Fire of Rome.
The first emperor in the Year of Four Emperors.
Formerly the friend and supporter of the preceding emperor.
Won the First battle of Cremona.
Known for being the first commander in the Jewish War.
Recaptured Jerusalem for Rome in the year 70 A.D.
The brother of the preceding emperor, he built many new buildings on the Palatine Hill.
Ruled from 96-98 A.D., was quite elderly.
Conquered Dacia (modern-day Romania) for the Roman Empire.
Built a wall along the border of Scotland and England.
Ruled from 138-161.
The 'Philosopher Emperor', wrote the book 'Meditations'.
A megalomaniacal gladiatorial enthusiast.

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