The Over-Mighty Generals of Ancient Rome

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Can you name the The Over-Mighty Generals of Ancient Rome?

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Who was the first over-mighty general of Ancient Rome?
With whom did he serve in Spain?
When did he live?
Which king of which kingdom did he defeat?
Which bands of Germans did he defeat?
Name one of the two years in which he defeated these bands.
Who succeeded him as Rome's leading general?
In which war did this man distinguish himself?
When was this war, between Rome and its former Italian allies?
Whom did he defeat in 86 B.C. (include his kingdom)?
When did he make himself absolute dictator of Rome?
To which goddess did he donate a very large temple in 80 B.C.?
When did he retire?
Who was the next great general?
When did he live?
Against whom did he campaign in Spain?
In 67 B.C. he flushed pirates from their strongholds. Where were they?
Whom did he then finally defeat?
In 64 B.C. he made the remains of the Seleucid kingdom into which Roman province?
What did he make a Roman dependency?

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