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Augustus was originally named this.
Where did he defeat Marcus Antonius in the year 31 B.C.?
He was the adopted son of whom?
He became emperor in which year?
What did he set up in the Campus Martius in 13 B.C. (give its Latin name)?
Where did he defeat the army of Caesar's assasins in 42 B.C.?
Which province did he make his own possession?
Augustus started the dynasty of emperors known as the _________.
Into how many administrative regions did he divide Rome?
Augustus boasted that he found Rome a city of brick, and left it a city of _________.
Augustus died in which year?
What was the name of the enormous sundial Augustus erected using an Egyptian obelisk?
Augustus made the Forum of Augustus in which year?
Who was Augustus' beloved nephew, in the name of whom he dedicated a theatre in 11 B.C.?
To which German river did Augustus bring Roman control until the battle of Teutoburg Forest?

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