Enemies of the Roman Republic

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Can you name the enemies of the Roman Republic?

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According to legend King Romulus invited this group of people into Rome and then stole all of their wives.
This civilization held Rome from 616-510 B.C., until they were driven out by Lucius Junius Brutus.
Marius saved Rome from this other German tribe in 101 B.C..
This civilization's king was Mithridates, and was finally defeated in 64 B.C. by Pompey.
Julius Caesar fought to change the leadership of this civilization in the Alexandrian War.
This group of city states was added in 146 B.C., after the sack of Corinth.
This region was notorious for piracy, and was made a province in 101 B.C..
Their king was Jugurtha when they were defeated by Marius.
Rome had three Punic wars with this civilization.
This empire, under Antiochus III was crushed at Magnesia in 190 B.C. to defend Pergamum.
Rome made this civilization a province of the Republic after the battle of Pydna in 168 B.C..
Marius saved Rome from this German tribe in 102 B.C..
The Romans had three wars with this group of people from 343-341, 327-304 and 298-290 B.C..
Julius Caesar conquered this group of people in modern-day France.
Julius Caesar was preparing for a campaign against this eastern civilization right before his assassination.

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