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Hint/OccupationCharacterPortrayed by
Owner of Merlotte'sSam Trammell
Co-owner of Fangtasia (male); deceasedRaoul Trujillo
Lives with Maryann; deceasedMehcad Brooks
Waitress at Merlotte's, two childrenCarrie Preston
Soldier of the Sun; deceasedWes Brown
AVL spokeswomanJessica Tuck
Fellowship of the Sun leader (male)Michael McMillian
Co-owner of Fangtasia (male)Patrick Gallagher
Cut off her own fingerPatricia Bethune
Bon Temps DetectiveChris Bauer
Waitress at Merlotte's, both Jason and Sam's lover; deceasedLynn Collins
Vampire drainer (female); deceasedKarina Logue
Maryann's servant; deceasedAdam Leadbeater
Sookie and Jason's grandmother; deceasedLois Smith
Road Crew, former Soldier of the SunRyan Kwanten
Isabel's humanChristopher Gartin
Works at FangtasiaTara Buck
Waitress at Merlotte's, telepathAnna Paquin
Road Crew, serial killer; deceasedMichael Raymond-James
Hoyt's motherDale Raoul
Sheriff of Area 9; deceasedAllan Hyde
Bon Temps SheriffWilliam Sanderson
Lafayette's V connection; deceasedStephen Root
Hint/OccupationCharacterPortrayed by
Traveling coven, had sex with Bill; deceasedAunjanue Ellis
Bellboy at Carmilla HotelChris Coy
Highly ranked in Area 9Valerie Cruz
Co-owner of Fangtasia (female)Kristin Bauer
Bartender at Merlotte'sRutina Wesley
Fake exorcist; deceasedAisha Hinds
Vampire drainer (male); deceasedJames Parks
Bill's 'daughter'Deborah Ann Woll
Vampire Queen of LousianaEvan Rachel Wood
Jason's lover, had sex with a vampire; deceasedDanielle Sapia
Waitress at Merlotte's, shapeshifter; deceasedAshley Jones
Cook at Merlotte's, drug dealerNelsan Ellis
Traveling coven, had sex with Maudette; deceasedGraham Shiels
Civil War veteranStephen Moyer
Cook at Merlotte's, war veteranTodd Lowe
Road Crew, a grown ass man!Jim Parrack
Traveling coven leader; deceasedAndrew Rothenberg
Fellowship of the Sun leader (female)Anna Camp
'Social worker'Michelle Forbes
Bill's makerMariana Klaveno
Waitress at Merlotte's, organic vegan; deceasedLizzy Caplan
Sheriff of Area 5; owner of FangtasiaAlexander SkarsgÄrd
Tara's motherAdina Porter

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