The Adventures of Huckleberry FInn

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The man who sold JIm/ turned him in for little money at the end of the book
Jim's daughter that he discovered was deaf
The thing that Huck can now do that causes Pap to be ashamed of him
The location where Huck feels free, comfortable and easy
What the witch pie for Jim contains
Huck and Tom make Jim deal with these slithering animals while he is kept in bondage
The town Huck and Jim were looking for to go North up the Ohio
What Huck hides the gold in
Relied on books for adventure ideas
The story is told from first person, third person limited, or third person omniscient point of view?
What Huck admits he sometimes tells at the beginning of the book; causes us to be unsure if we can trust him fully
The fact that Emmaline Grangerford wrote about people who died and then she herself died at a young age is an example of this
This coming of age story shows great character development in the character of...
Taught Huck all about religion
Taught Huck about feuds
The lady who figures out Huck is not a girl
What Huck sees Jim as by the end of the story
The object that brings Huck and Jim bad luck
What the King said was tatooed on Peter's chest
What type of hypocrisy Twain was satirizing when he showed the Grangerfords in church with guns
The turning point is when Huck does this and determines he will go to hell
Who says, 'Yes, en I's rich now... I owns myself, en I's worth eight hundred dollars.'
What has happened to the book Huck Finn in some libraries and schools

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