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Ding dong ding dong screams Liberty
Pitcher throws this
Shopping Center
Alcoholic Beverage, Whiskey
Trading center of goods
Portion of a whole
Over the trousers
Shut in; Confined
Noticeable effect of reflection
Contraction of do not
Contraction of will not
Shout of joy
Soft, Curly sheep hair
Neither warm nor cold
Chicken cage
Loopty ____: Roller Coaster Ride
Diving Bird
Earth's Natural Satellite
Quality of one's feelings
Something Formed into a shape
Past Tense of Sell
Bottom of the foot
Small annoying lawn animal
5280 feet
Something that belongs to me
Fresh gum flavor
Change color of (car windows)
Camping house
A cardinal number (X)
Pittsburgh Hockey Team
Band of nerves in the brain
A baked or fried bread
To assume an attitude or stance
Furnished or luxurious
Press with force or shove
To squeeze, crush or crunch
To reduce by beating
Mcdonald $1 menu ____ Brown
Form of HAZE
Water sprays from
Boogers, sniffles, sneezes
Informal use of NO
Part in a play
Childhood Toy (barbie)
Type of chaucer
Hole in One
____ of Mexico
Aquatic Bird

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