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Can you name the movies series from their mashed up subtitles?

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Mashed-up subtitlesSeriesComplete Subtitles
The Journey of Smaug Again (3 Movies)
The Search for the Motion of the Wrath of the Final Undiscovered Voyage (6 Movies)
The Voyage of the Witch Prince (3 Movies)
The Return of the Fellowship Towers (3 Movies)
The Kingdom of the Temple of the Last Ark (4 Movies)
The Dawn of the Continental Meltdown (4 Movies)
Revenge of the Extinction of the Moon (4 Movies)
The Return of the New Empire (3 Movies)
The Revenge of the Phantom Clones (3 Movies)
Rise of Retaliation (2 Movies)
Europe's Africa (3 Movies)
The World's Curse of the Dead Tides (4 Movies)
Pet Nature (2 Movies)
Burgundy Continues (2 Movies)
The First Stand of United Days (7 Movies)

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